• In short, Taste Studio is an accumulation of talented, passionate and professional geeks. With each of us having six or more years of hands-on experience in different fields including (but not limited to) programming, music production, graphic design, AV installation, hardware and networking.
  • Our clients range from individuals and small businesses, to large, worldwide corporations. The projects we have completed also cover a wide spectrum of technology -- from simple webpage counters to full on interactive marketing DVDs, and network monitoring systems.

  • Your online presence is often the world's real first impression of your business. Taking this into account, a company should never use their website as a "point of contact."

    Presenting a company in a way which accurately represents what is on offer is very important. A page with hapazardly placed pictures and text is akin to a poorly designed flyer for a cheap take out restaurant pasted to your door...
  • A well designed website is the difference between a five star restaurant with mood lighting and no-seating-available take out... fast food will do the trick, but are you going to go home and tell your friends and family that you just had the best lo-mein you've ever had?

    “If you do it right, a web site can enhance your company's image, build customer loyalty, and make your small business look big”
    Natalie Sequera
Web Design, Custom Development, CSS Layout, HTML, W3 Compliance, Flash Design, Website SEO, Site Modifications, Usability Consulting

HTML4/5, XML, Javascript, Ruby, Flash, ActionScript 3.0, CSS, ASP, PHP

  • First impressions are everything! Take a few seconds and try to remember the worst business card you have been handed. Now, try to remember the best. Had these two cards been from similar companies, which of the two would you be more likely to do business with? Which would you expect to provide higher quality results? With whom would you be willing to spend your money?
  • Using tangible printed materials as a way to market your cause or company is an effective move, but only if it is done correctly.

    Having a cohesive and memorable brand image presented consistently across all of your communications media can all but guarantee a great impression on potential (and existing) clients.
Brochures, Stationery, Business cards, Posters, Newsletters, Books

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

  • Music is a universal language. Defining an emotion or mood using a sense that is normally ignored in most media is a very powerful tool. For instance, imagine you have a product or service that is related to the beach and at this point your website or video has only droning speech, or worse -- complete silence.
  • Pretty boring, right? Now, take that same scenario, add a background track with rolling waves and steel drums. You can almost taste the pina colada, can't you?

    Don't know anything about music production, or mastering? We do! We can help you find the perfect aural experience to suit your needs.
Website ambiance, Background music, lobby music, Sound FX, Game music, Commercial / Ad Music

Sony Sound Forge, ReNoise, FLStudio, Audacity, VSTi/VSTfx

  • Remember the last time you were sitting at your computer, wishing there was a better way to do something? Your wish is our command.

    Software development projects can range from basic utility applications to full architecture with modular, expandable subsystems. Do you know where your project falls? No? We can help!
  • Taste Studio has experience with all types of development projects; from a simple eBay listing helper application to a multiclient peer-to-peer multimedia communications suite -- we have you covered.

    Our developers will analyze your current and future requirements to determine the most appropriate and efficient method to bring your project to fruition.
Client / Server, Interactive Kiosks, Communications, Process Streamlining, Remote Control, Surveillance, RF Triangulation,

HTML, XML, Javascript, Ruby, ActionScript 3.0, CSS, ASP, PHP
One cause for the fall of the Roman Empire was that, lacking zero, they had no way to indicate successful termination of their programs.
Robert Firth

  • WinOut

    Statistics, Team / User Profiles
    When gamers play online, detailed game logs are created with play by play information. WinOut wanted to use this information to create a statistics database that it's users could search and view, and more...
  • In order to achieve the desired results, we not only had to parse the logged game data -- we also had to create a way to link WinOut.net user accounts to the data, users to teams, teams to games, and games to tournaments. Things like suicides, round wins, kill assists and other special events also needed to be kept track of. This project included PHP, and heavy MySQL with query optimization and result caching to enhance performance whilst searching through the large amount of data.

  • Plan It

    Website, Print Collateral
    Plan It is a central Florida based event design and management company. Originally they just needed a website revamp; this ultimately turned into a full branding and collateral update.

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